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Black Poetry Theatre presents "SPIT: So much more than words"
A Dramatic Reading and Q&A About the show:


Come and enjoy a dramatic reading of a new play entitled SPIT written by spoken word artist and playwright S.M. Micko. After the reading, the audience will have a chance to offer feedback and ask questions of the writer. Featuring a cast of some of the areas best spoken word artists in the area. Includes an opening performance by Micko.
SPIT tells the story of the nationally ranked Uptown Poetry Slam team based out of the Java Jive coffeehouse in Atlanta, GA. Led by slammaster Jamal Rush, the team has been close to a national championship for six years straight, but have yet to bring the trophy home. This year they feel confident, but life may have other plans for them. In addition to preparing for competition, each member has to prepare to face their own personal obstacles. You may think you understand what goes on in the lives of poets, but you really have no idea. There is so much more than the words. Come find out the price poets have to pay to SPIT. This is another Black Poetry Theatre Production.

The author, S.M. Micko, is a nationally known touring spoken word artist currently residing in Charlotte, NC. He has been a member of the Art Amok Slam Team out of Atlanta, GA and the Respect Da Mic Slam Team out of Charlotte, NC. While in Atlanta he also was the slammaster of the Skinny Bully Slam Team. He is renown for his passion filled poetry and energetic performances.




Black Poetry Theatre presents "Verbal Portraits of SHE"


Black Poetry Theatre presents the Stage Play

“Verbal Portraits of SHE!”

Written by: Nick Knardirell

“Verbal Portraits of SHE!” is both a creative production and poetry gala.

It is a celebration of womanhood. The gala serves to inspire, uplift,

encourage and unify women.  Each piece of poetry provides a different view

of the plight of a woman.

Black Poetry Theatre presents "The GAME" - Durham, NC



“The Game”


“Man is a being with free will; therefore, each man is potentially good or evil, and it's up to him and only him (through his reasoning mind) to decide which he wants to be.” –writer Ayn Rand.


A simple man, James is a hard worker. He comes from a family that has never had much so he is always looking for more, but he’s never done anything illegal. He has seen how that ends up so he would rather work construction, cut lawns, sell incense, clean buildings, or anything else for a dollar. College wasn’t his thing, so he has been out in these streets getting his hustle on. Question is how long can he resist doing something wrong? With a beautiful temptress offering him the deal of a lifetime and his girlfriend at home wanting to start a family, will James go against his better judgment? Little does he know that his decisions will have an impact far greater than he could ever imagine.


Every year, George and Hank meet to play chess. It is a friendly game between two old friends. They pick a quaint spot and play a game that has been played for centuries. Only this chess match has special significance. These two players are God and the Devil and they are playing for dominion. The pieces are human lives, the board is a city on earth, and strategy is simple…don’t lose. This year George has chosen Durham, NC as the place to play the game. Hank has chosen James as the key piece. Faith will be tested, good and evil will battle, and lives will never be the same.


“The Game” is the second production this season for Black Poetry Theatre. Poet, playwright, songwriter, emcee, performance artist, writer, and educator Dasan Ahanu is the writer and co-director for the production. It is his fourth play with the company.

The cast consists of notable poets, emcees, and actors from the area. It is co-directed by Church da Poet. Black Poetry Theatre is proud to present another original production to the community.


Confessions of a Lounge Singer - Siler City, NC

Recent Shows: Definition of a Hero


Black Poetry Theatre debuts its second production of the season...
"Definition of a Hero"
Black Poetry Theatre presents "Definition of a Hero",
a poetic theatre piece dealing with the perceptions of a hero while examining the
complex relationships between fathers and sons. 
It stars Joseph "Church da'Poet" Churchwell, Dasan Ahanu, 
Elliot "Axiom" and vocalist Chauncey Taylor.

Their combination of rhyme, rhythm and music coupled with their originality
and thoughtful words makes for an evening filled with thought-provoking theatre.
Written by Dasan Ahanu, the production features original pieces performed
by national spoken word artists and poets.


This is another Black Poetry Theatre Production.


HERstory through His Eyes....


Sunday, October 17th

HERstory Through HIS Eyes: A Black Poetry Theatre Presentation
Written by Dasan Ahanu
 @Farris Newton Communications Auditorium
Corner of Fayetteville and Lawson St
Campus of North Carolina Central University
Durham, NC

Doors open at 4:30, Show starts at 5:00pm

Featuring a cast of some of the Triangle's best vocalists, actors,
actresses, and spoken word artists!

A part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month activities on
campus organized by the NCCU Women's Center.

- VIP Seating and Pre-event reception available for event sponsorships
and organizations can reserve 10 seats for $100.

- Suggested donations: General Public $10, Students $2

- Drawings & prize giveaways

**Proceeds benefit the NCCU Women’s Center and Black Poetry Theatre**

Sponsored by the NCCU Department of Theatre

HERstory Through HIS Eyes is a story of strength, overcoming and new possibilities.
The story centers on Kim and Tina, two women who have survived physical and sexual abuse. Kim is learning to move on from a marriage crumbled by physical and mental abuse. When her husband returns claiming to be a changed man, she struggles with forgiving him and forgiving herself. Tina has met the man of her dreams. Still, she is having a hard time being open and intimate with him. A survivor of sexual assault, she struggles with trust and vulnerability in the face of this new relationship. Both women find healing through their friendship and poetry. Their stories give us insight into the lives of survivors. The play is narrated by David. David is the host of the local open mic that both Kim and Tina read at. He has known Tina for years and is one of Kim’s best friends. An ally to both he carries his own secret. He is also a survivor of childhood abuse. Together they give hope and inspire everyone to find the courage within themselves to no longer be victims but survivors. Enhanced by poetry and tied together by narration and song, this play seeks to challenge attitudes, values, behaviors, and misconceptions about sexual assault and domestic violence in hopes to decrease assaults and increase awareness.

For more info call the Women's Center at
(919) 530-6134 (Krystal George) or
(919) 530-6994 (April Jenkins)

For more info on Black Poetry Theatre
call Joseph Churchwell at 919-627-1076
or email at
 NCCU Women's Center presents:
Domestic Violence Awareness Month