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Black Poetry: The Stage Play


Black Poetry is a play written to inspire, touch and reach the masses. From adolescents to seniors, from the educated to the less fortunate Black Poetry is a motivational work of art. There are 6 lives, 6 different stories, and 6 views of life. Including both personal triumphs and downfalls, each story is told through Poetry, Dance, Music and Song. This is a production that talks about Adversity, Strength, Love, Dreams, and Overcoming. The poems and songs are all written and performed by local artists. Black Poetry is more than just a title it is a concept. Derived from the thoughts of the creator Joseph "Church da'Poet" Churchwell, Black Poetry is a metaphor for the story of Life. His idea was to change the view on what is considered “black poetry”. In doing so he took the title to a level that challenges conscious understanding. Deeper than a play on words, he created a dynamic play performed half in light and half in total darkness. Giving you what is now called Black Poetry.




Herstory of Love: A Stronger Daye

H.E.R.S.tory of Love is a story of strength, overcoming and new possibilities. The story centers on Kim and Tina, two women who have survived physical and sexual abuse. Facing current and past loves they find healing through their friendship and poetry. These two women show us what many women face after abuse. Together they give hope and inspire everyone to find the courage within themselves to no longer be victims but survivors. This play seeks to challenge attitudes, values, behaviors, and misconceptions about sexual assault and domestic violence in hopes to decrease assaults and increase awareness. The first version of this play was “A Stronger Daye” based on the life story of poet, activist, advocate, and abuse and assault survivor Monica Daye. The latest version of the play is entitled “Through his eyes”.




Definition of a Hero


A Black Poetry Theatre Presentation


"Definition of a Hero,” a poetic theatre piece dealing with the perceptions of a hero while examining the complex relationships between fathers and sons. It stars Joseph "Church da Poet" Churchwell, Dasan Ahanu,  Elliot "Axiom" and vocalist Chauncey Taylor. Their combination of rhyme, rhythm and music coupled with their originality and eloquent words makes for an evening filled with thought-provoking theatre. Written by Dasan Ahanu, the production features original pieces performed by national spoken word artists and poets. This is another Black Poetry Theatre production.




Confession of a Lounge Singer
 A Black Poetry Theatre Presentation
"Confessions of a Lounge Singer" is a one man production written and performed by Dasan Ahanu. Set in the ‘60s it follows the life of popular lounge singer Earl “Treetops” Johnson as he struggles to hold onto his dreams, find love, meet expectation s and satisfy his goon of a boss. Not only a fictitious representation of the lounge scene it is a metaphor for spoken word today. Many poets come to find their voice in lounges or coffee shops sharing their work at the open mic and gaining popularity with each new piece. They soon feel the tug of their art at their soul. It leaves them seeking to balance the pull of home and the community they love (City), life and personal relationships (Songbird),
 and the pursuit of their own aspirations and dreams.
Come take this journey inside the soul of a lounge sin...I mean poet.

The Epic of EVE..
A Black Poetry Theatre Presentation

....and Adam called her Eve because she was the mother of ALL living things Gen 3:20


Strength, weakness, tears and fears...
The Courage to beat the odds...
Lead us not into temptation...
There is a burglar who drapes itself in secrecy and whispers discorded blues...

Every woman will face a time in her life when choices will alter her reason of being.
Her freedom in self will no longer be liberated by second guessing her placement in the enclosed garden of life. Sexuality will no longer be concealed by shame because she is clothed in Eros and Agape. Come...There is a fruit that was so forbidden, that the earth opened her mouth and swallowed the tempest...In this deliverance, from East of Harlem to East of Eden, 6 women will take you through their gardens while they sow their seeds with words and song. 6 Epics...6 Harvest under the tree of Knowledge. Each word spoken will bring forth fruit from Thy mothers garden. Just be careful whom you let sow your fields.


"Love Letters to my Child"
A Black Poetry Theatre Production
Black Poetry Theatre presents it's second annual Women's Showcase featuring pieces talking to, with, or praying for the children of our future. "Love Letters to my Child" will be a production of personal testimony and wishes for all the children of the world. It hopes to spotlight the stories, histories, and hopes that we have in our hearts for our children and the desire to prepare them to be something in this world. With this production, BPT seeks to capture the personal stories of women in regards to their children. BPT feel this combination of music, rhythm, words, and expression will create a vital story for generations to come.

BPT's Women's Showcase celebrates the artistry and creativity of Women. The showcase takes place each March during Women's History Month. Each production features an all Woman cast, is directed by women, and is written by women. It is a part of BPT's objective to inspire, motivate and empower others from the confinements of social stigmas and grant freedom to see the world through their own perspective.