Black Poetry Theatre

Original Poetry & Spoken Word Productions



Black Poetry Theatre (BPT) seeks to expand the understanding of spoken word and foster appreciation for the power of modern contemporary poetry, by presenting it in a traditional theatrical setting. BPT also seeks to raise cultural awareness through the use of performance arts as a tool of cultural expression and to encourage arts in the community.



Our objective is to challenge the minds of the young and old,

and empower them throughout Life’s circumstances.

Our tool is Poetry, Song, Dance and Music


We aim to target anyone and everyone.

From the minority to the majority, the gifted and the average, the struggling father and working mother, the inspired beginning artist and the professional.


Through Poetry and Song we will build a community of family orientated Writers, Teachers, Believers, Thinkers and Doers in an effort to encourage positive growth and social change.


Our methods are proven to inspire, motivate and empower others from the confinements of social stigmas, and grant freedom to see the world through their own perspective.




We as individuals search day and night for a release to our everyday problems.

For us, poetry is a way to express ourselves.

Poetry is that outlet for us.


So why not teach others how to

Write Free…

Live Free…

Express themselves…

And be a help to others?


Poetry is not a fad,

It is LIFE,

In written form,

read to inspire.

Black Poetry Theatre,

Would like to share our gifts with

Not just our community, but with the world