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The Experience: Love, Heart, and Soul

The Experience: Love, Heart and Soul of a Poetic Journey

 If you were ever in need of an Experience, now is the time to receive it This group brings you 3 elements of emotions and truth to direct you there……

The Experience has been able to grace the stage with some of the most innovating poets around from Queen Sheba, Saul Williams, Monica Daye and Dasan Ahanu to name a few. It goes to show you that when these 3 are in effect, you will get the ultimate “Experience”.                


Camille “Cami Brown-Shuga”

 no stranger to words. Cami fell in love with poetry at the tender age of 9. She is a part of the up and coming performance group “The Experience”. She is the representation of the “Love” in the group giving you a taste of a sassy mystique that creeps up on you. She is a vital element in making “The Experience” a life changing moment. Cami uses poetry to evoke visions that tell her-story.



Kennethia “K E M E T” Jacobs

is a vocalist, songwriter, poet, musician and mentor originally from Upstate, NY. Kemet not only enhances Black Poetry Theatre’s productions with stirring vocal arrangements, but elevates minds with thought provoking poetry.  She is also a part of the up and coming performance group “The Experience” representing the element of SOUL.

Kemet started singing professionally at the age of 12 in her family’s production company, but has been keeping a pen and journal in her pockets since the age of 7. Crafting compositions full of emotion and melody she reciprocates her love for philosophy, alchemy, spirit and jazz to bring you a Khemetic fusion.

Dominique or “Ms.Dom”

as she is affectionately known by friends and family is an Akron, Ohio native, who has been residing in Charlotte for 6 years.  She has been writing poetry since the age of 10. She credits her mother for evoking the love of words in her at an early age by having her memorize her favorite poem “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes.  Dom hopes to use her life experiences through poetry to help other men and women recognize that it’s okay to be the “different” one. She currently is attending Belmont Abbey College majoring in Elementary Education and would like concentrate on troubled youth. She wants to incorporate poetry and art in the class room to give the somewhat overlooked child a way to express his or her self.

Sherita “Rita” Young

Guitarist/Vocalist – Sherita “Rita” Young Based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Sherita is nothing short of an organic worshiper. Refreshingly simple and honest, her lyrics reveal a heart longing to embrace the peaceful presences of God. Her Debut  Album "Quiet Places" is a wonderfully crafted project that ushers you into a relaxing meditative state. She states, "My heart is to enjoy the presence of God and share as transperant as possible the lessons I've learned, the truth I've gained, the grace and love of Our Creator has shown me".


 Elizabeth “Lizh” Herrera

If you were born and raised in New York City, there’s something undeniable about you: you are part of a cultural melting pot. Lizh is a first generation Dominican-American, with a strong passion for classic rock, the sultry sadness of the blues, the spirited expressionism of soul and funk and the deliberate awareness of spoken word. Her debut soul/rock album, “Let’s break it down”, brings together all the contrasting elements of the world around her into one soulful, powerful voice.


Tracey Gilbert

has been relying on her words for as long as she can remember. A founding member of UPenn's first spoken word poetry group, The Excelano Project, Tracey helped the team take second place at the National College Poetry Slam in 2006. Since that time she's been teaching public middle school and attempting to use words to bridge worlds when nothing else works. She hopes that words will do the same thing for her students that they have done for her--set them free.

Elliot "Axiom"

Elliot Miley - better known as Axiom is a spoken word artist, poet, photographer, and video-grapher from NY. He was an important part of the Columbia, SC poetry scene before relocating to the Raleigh-Durham area a couple of years ago. He has released a CD and chapbook and has been a two time member of the Bull City Slam team. 


Chauncey Taylor

-Instructor/Vocalist - Native of Durham North Carolina Chauncey is no stranger to the stage or his community.  He has performed in “Contents Under Pressure” at the famous Manbites Dog Theater and has worked in collaboration with Durham’s own Chuck Davis, Artistic Director of the African American Dance Ensemble. Chauncey’s music background started at childhood from congregation testimony services of the United Holiness Church, progressed with the infamous Northern High school Gospel Choir (Durham NC) and from Wright Touch Music Ministries 

Samantha Washington "Sam"

was born in Charleston, SC, but raised all over the world as an Army brat. The oldest of 5 children, Samantha is a case manager that works with middle school aged children in Raleigh, NC and has a passion for helping with the healing of today's youth. She has been living in Raleigh for less than two years harboring a passion for poetry that she never acted upon. Since moving to Raleigh she has been surrounded by people who are passionate about poetry and in turn have fueled a fire in her heart. Through Black Poetry Theatre she finds her passion for the arts being nourished.